with Conni Biesalski and Ludwig Schwankl

Liberate Your True Potential As a Conscious Entrepreneur
and Maximize Your Impact On the World

September 8-9, 2018
in Berlin, Germany

Join us and a group of impact-driven entrepreneurs and creators for this intimate 2-day event in Berlin.

Are you struggling to find flow in your business?

Do you often doubt yourself and what you offer to the world?

Do you often feel like you are not good enough and you compare yourself with others online?

Are you afraid of criticism and judgement when you share something on social media?

Do you often hold back because you are intimated to show and promote yourself and your business?

Do you get stuck in perfectionism?

Do you struggle to find clarity with your message and your big Why?

Do you lack trust in your abilities and the success of your business?

And are you still not making the money you deserve?

Guess what?

You are not alone. So many entrepreneurs, who are doing great work, deal with the same issues.

Our greatest potential is rooted in our greatest wounds, fears, self-doubts, limiting beliefs, guilt and shame.

Healing these wounds and connecting to our true self and vision for life - this is the REAL work.

Success and everything else will follow naturally once we have healed our inner blocks, when our hearts and souls are back in flow and when we have clarity around our mission.

We don't need more information and how-to seminars.

We need to go inwards.

We need to connect to the parts of ourselves that are in need of healing.

We need to go to the source of our insecurities, fears and lack of self-worth.

Only then can we really access our full potential and share our unique gifts with the world.

Only then can we really truly serve others.

Our mission with this live workshop is to help you transform your roadblocks and get your work in alignment with your soul.

Your business reflects your level of soul growth and inner work you have done on yourself.

You have to change and elevate who you are so your business can meet you there.


The extent of the flow in your life and business is directly related to the extent of your success.

The more flow, the more impact, the more success.

Let's create more flow!


...owning your confidence in life and business and stepping into your full potential

...having a crystal clear vision and mission for your business

...being in full alignment with your purpose and your great work

...being in the flow every day

...attracting YOUR followers and clients that are fully in tune with your message and mission

...feeling empowered to share your authentic self online with the world

...amazing opportunities dropping into your inbox regularly

...creating and serving from your soul

In this 2-day workshop, you will...

  • learn how to heal shame and guilt
  • uncover your deepest potential
  • shift your money mindset from scarce to abundant
  • be gently guided into your own shadow work
  • connect with your inner child to heal old wounds
  • identify your limiting beliefs
  • transform fears and limiting beliefs
  • find peace with your biggest inner demon and heal your "I'm not good enough" wound
  • de-shame your vulnerabilities and learn how to share and show yourself online to inspire others
  • learn how to create content from the heart
  • discover ways to promote your great work that are in alignment with your values
  • find endless inspiration to implement in your business

Get the opportunity to work directly with Conni and Ludwig on your business - and yourself.

Here Is What's Going to Happen:

Day 1: Going Deep!

On Saturday, we take a deep dive into your fears, old stories and limiting beliefs that keep you from fully expressing your potential and the success and money your deserve.

Day 2: Shine Bright!

Once we cleared out the basement and made space, we then fly high. Sunday is all about uncovering your unique gifts, connecting to your purpose and your big Why and going all the way in on abundance.


Conni Biesalski

Conni Biesalski is a creative entrepreneur, a vegan yogi and the founder of Live Your Heart Out, a platform committed to raising consciousness and changing the world - one soul at a time.
She helps free spirits create a meaningful life and business and express their calling through her YouTube videos, her podcast and on Instagram. 

Conni also created a gender-free, queer t-shirt collection and started Planet Backpack, one of Germany's most famous travel blogs, in 2012.

Ludwig Schwankl is a spiritual blogger and healing coach. He is the founder of Seelenrave and runs workshops about self-love, the art of relationships and self-healing. 

He believes that we cannot inflame our inner light by blindly striving for love and happiness - instead, truth, fulfilment and freedom are just waiting underneath the darkest depths of our soul that we don´t want to face. By facing, embracing, feeling, and healing our inner demons, we become truly free, healed and complete in ourselves. 


The world needs you to step into your true power.


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